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Summer in black and white


…and now what?!

On Wednesday I finally handed in my dissertation, and if all goes well my BA in Journalism with Human Rights is officially finished. And surprisingly enough, I’m not all that thrilled. Don’t get me wrong it’s exciting to think about the fact that I have survived three years of university studies and that I actually (hopefully) have a degree, it is absolutely no doubt that a feeling of euphoria washed through me as I left the department office, but that’s just about it. Now, what?

I can’t be the only one who get’s so caught up in something, so totally immersed that when I come out on the other end I can’t help but feel a little bit disappointed? It feels so strange to have a normal sleeping pattern again and have the ability to do fun things without feeling bad, all of a sudden I have all this time I’m not sure what to do with.

All this freedom feels strange, I better get a job.

(Come to think of it, one thing I could do is fix the design etc of this blog….)

The ultimate dissertation procrastination

Isn’t it typical that when you really have something important to do you get hooked on something completely different? I’ve always torn out pretty pictures from magazines with the intention of making collages…but my clippings tend to end up in drawers, tucked into random books or under my bed before they eventually make their way to the bin….but not anymore! Now all my collages can be found online, no scissors or glue involved, phew! The pin boards I have made so far are:

    • “Fashion” – For all those great editorials/ad campaigns/bloggers/catwalk photos I stumble upon
    • “Magazine Covers”- A collection of the coolest magazine covers, can you scream Journo nerd any louder?
    • “Words of Wisdom”- For all the semi-cheesy quotes I find myself loving whenever I’m up past midnight
    • “Perfect Hair”- Photos of how I wish my hair looked, and how I probably could fix it if I ever bothered
    • “Wishlist”- Continiously updated with all the pretty materialistic things I  wish were mine (dad, you just got mail…)
    • “For the day I become a housewife”- For the day hell freezes over and I enjoy mopping floors
    • “The day I settle down”- Sometimes even I dream of a house, dogs, kids, man and a Volvo
    • “Just beautiful”- All the pretty things that doesn’t fit anywhere, kind of like cheesy quotes..
Anyway, you can follow me on Pinterest here or click the picture, I would also like to follow more people, any recommendations?

You are my secret

Screenshots from Seal- Secret

Easter 2012

My plan was to ignore easter this year and focus on my dissertation, luckily I have loads of great people around me that rapidly helped me change my plans, here’s a quick recap:

After my Oslo visit in March Vivian soon booked an easter trip to London, so on Tuesday I went out to dinner with her in Chelsea, followed by drinks and accidental clubbing, just like back in the old days. We started the evening with dinner at Admiral Codrington,  where we both went for lamb…easter lamb 2012, as snapped by my phone:

Of course I attacked it with knife and fork before I snapped it…and yes, my phone was on ALL night, resulting in a bit of drunk texting…A  bad habit I really need to shake! Then we picked up Francesca and went to Funky Buddha where we danced until closing…

On Saturday it was out again! Went for dinner at Gaucho Smithfield with Linda and Caspar, the original plan was to go from there to Fabric, but sorry, queuing around three street corners I think not! Instead we headed to Light Bar in Shoreditch before Caspar and I went on towards Piccadilly where we pre-drunk some more at Jewel before we headed to DSTRKT. Do I even need to say it, it was a hard night, it always is when the cousins go out….

Sunday was spent on Chiswick’s softest couch with home-made spaghetti Bolognese (almost as good as mum’s!), chocolate and a trash tv marathon…after having watched The Only Way is Essex, Desperate Scousewives and Geordie Shore all in one night I really have the urge to go travelling around the UK a bit, it seems like an entirely different planet.

On the last day of easter I was surprised with easter eggs and red wine:

Yes! That one egg is pink…! And absolutely everything is made of chocolate, I had to give up on the hen though and only ate the head….way too much!

Hope everyone had a lovely easter, I sure did!

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

A few weeks back a friend of mine was in town, and I granted myself permission to go out for an A-List meal and way too much red wine…Although I’m no cook I’m quite the foodie.

We opted for dinner at Dinner, Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental. My favourite restaurant, Bar Boulud is based in the same hotel so I expected the standard to be top-notch, and it sure was. I must admit I arrived with a bit of scepticism, after checking out the menu online I was afraid I wouldn’t like anything, it all sounded a bit weird (and I’m actually not the picky kind…).

Meat Fruit, photo source 

There was no reason to be afraid, it was all extremely delicious. For starters I had to pick the ‘Meat Fruit’, chicken liver parfait made to look like a mandarin. When someone goes all out on something like that I can’t help but try it, and I was not disappointed! Best chicken liver I’ve ever had, when I come to think of it was probably the only chicken liver I’ve ever had, but that’s irrelevant. My friend played it safe with a mixed leaves salad that looked pretty standard.

For mains I was the one safing, continuing on my chicken route with the ‘Chicken Cooked with Lettuces’ dish with buttered carrots and fries on the side. The chicken was very good too, I guess the only really wrong thing you can do with chicken is to cook it dry, and naturally the chefs at a Michelin starred restaurant would know how.  The celeriac sauce was a little piece of heaven. M opted for roasted halibut, which I’m sure was satisfactory. I actually regret not ordering it myself, halibut is an amazing fish!  The sides of buttered carrots and french fries were big enough for us to share.

Lately I’ve had a thing for caramel, so my choice of dessert was fairly simple: ‘Brown Bread Ice Cream’! This was such an interesting dish, with a pear tart thingy filled with sticky salted caramel, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in caramel sauce (oh how I LOVE caramel sauce…). If you enjoy super rich chocolate the ‘Chocolate Bar’ is a must-eat, I tried one spoonful and nearly died, is it possible for chocolate to be too rich? Possibly.

Although we didn’t try it (I don’t like pineapple) the Tipsy Cake is worth a mention, it is wise to order it early as they take at least 30 mins, the waiter told me they bake each brioche separately from scratch  whenever they get an order.  Another dessert option, which wasn’t on the menu (you have to ask for it) was ice cream made by your table, you’re basically paying for the show and get an ice cream cone each with a topping of choice. It looked interesting enough, and we were lucky to get the “show” for free by spying at the neighbouring table!

My only complain, and this goes for Dinner, Mandarin Bar, Bar Boulud and the hotel Spa: It doesn’t really work out well with a joint restroom between three filled to capacity venues on a Friday night. Not only did it take a while walking all the way from the restaurant down to the Spa section, as we all had probably had one glass too many the ladies ended up almost in the same state as the toilets at any student pub on a hard night…

But all in all it was a very good dining experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and possibly be a bit more daring, one day I might have mustered up the courage to try the spiced pigeon!

I didn’t take my camera out, and my phone was firmly shut off for the evening (I’m trying to avoid those drunken texts), but I had to show you what a meat fruit looks like, so I took the liberty of borrowing a picture from the Telegraph, if you click the link under the picture, you also get to read their review.

Long, long list of excuses

I really hate bloggers who whine about how they’re too busy to blog and how sorry they are, so just ignore everything within the parenthesis:

(I have been up and running 24/7 the past month or so since I last blogged…but now things are starting to calm down and I have “only” my dissertation left until I can greet a much deserved summer holiday [unless I’m lucky and get a job that is!] soooo what have I been up to lately?

  • Finished my work so far for 360 Luxe that should be launching any day now
  • Had dinner at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, review to come
  • Spent 3 days in Oslo
  • Saw a concert at Oslo Concert Hall
  • Visited my gran

  • Birthday lunched at Aker Brygge with Oslo’s finest London girl, Vivian who turned 23
  • Conducted two dissertation interviews
  • Panicked in the library
  • Panicked some more in the library
  • Had a 23 hour library stint
  • Straight before a 2 hour Law exam
  • Spent all weekend in bed trying to recover
  • Almost finished Karl Ove Knausgård’s My Struggle part 4

And well, if you follow me on Twitter you already know all this, and if not then there you had it, a recap of my life lately)

3×3 Milan

Oh what a week…so many deadlines, so little tiiiime, and then the lovely Miss McKnight came to visit too…We went shopping, and shopping and window shopping, sushi, champagne, vodka, macarons and clowns…It was the first time I tasted Ladurée macarons, and oh my days! Over two days we almost managed to taste their entire menu, and so far it is safe to say that the Soft Caramel with Sea Salt and the Vanilla ones were absolutely the best, a little piece of heaven right there. The Orange Blossom however sucked, that tasted soap….Oh anyways, enough of my macaron musings, let’s get down to business again and check out my 9 faves from Milan:

I’m not a huge fan of fur, but look at that ensemble, such a diva! And I think we se a pattern here…I need a new winter coat, preferably one with leather details….The red dress was perfection, I love dresses with long sleeves, and I sort of need a red one.

Oh…and I love black dresses too (shocker..)…and gooo Norwegian Peter Dundas…

Raf Simon’s last collection for Jil Sander received standing ovations, and I can see why…again, pretty black leather dresses, and I even fell in love with some of the pink pieces, and that in itself is a pretty good accomplishment! It is going to be interesting to see the next collection, when Jil Sander herself has returned to the label…

The City says ‘I do’

I am so busy these days, got a little writing job on the side of university with super tight deadlines this month, but busy is always good right? My faves from Milan and Paris will come, I just need to get my head above the water…Will show and tell about my job when the site launches by the end of this month!

Here is the long-awaited (at least for me and my mum..) photos of me from the wedding fair I did some modelling at a month ago. I would say you’re in luck, I was just about to airbursh some of them, but then I sort of remembered the never-ending debate around the ethics of manipulating skin,  minimising thighs etc. So here you go: My face, with everything makeup couldn’t cover:

Dress by Sassi Holford 

Dress by Melanie Potro

Mother of the Bride outfit by Lise Herud , fascinator by Katherine Elizabeth Millinery

Fascinator by Katherine Elizabeth Millinery, Makeup and hair by Butterfly London

Bad skin by University of Roehampton, stress and Walker’s crisps 😉

I was going to add some more photos of the other girls and dresses, some details of table setting and cakes, but couldn’t find a good collage solution for it, and really don’t have time to look into it now, maybe later on! Other important details:

Photography: Catherine Mead, Event planning: Sarah Ducker at SJD Events ltd, Jewellery: Andrew Prince, Venue: 1 Lombard Street

LFW faves and London Fashion Weekend

Following up on my New York fashion week post, is one with my 3×3 faves from my very own, beloved London. Next season I swear I’ll be there as press myself..ok I say that every year, but considering that I am actually finishing up my degree these days I have no excuse not to start following my dreams and chasing my ambitions…This year however, London Fashion Weekend with a few sweet girls from uni had to suffice. Despite being in a fluish haze with a sore throat and blocked nose I enjoyed it, although having a bad cold/flu kind of ruined it for me.

I had zero energy (and money…) for all the pretty things on sale and the huge crowds, so I ended up spending most of the time outside in the sun with Silje, eating red velvet cupcakes….before it was time for a Spring/Summer trend show bringing back the lovely pastels I had almost forgotten about the past couple of weeks, being totally drowned in autum/winter fashion…there was even a brief interview with Hillary Alexander on the catwalk (WIN!)…and of course I forgot my camera….(top notch blogger for you).

Anyhow, let’s move on to my LFW autumn/winter faves (yes I know I’ve written Fall on the pictures, but it’s about the only American word I really love…):

The belted coats at Burberry Prorsum was a hit with me, a Burberry trench has been high on my wishlist for years…trust me one day I will get my sticky little hands on one! Other things to love was the presence of owls, yes, yes,yes next season I might actually manage to buy an owl acessory before winter turns to spring again! Oh and the finale with the umbrellas…I’m still not over that one….it’s so…London.

I really loved the colour themes at Felder Felder, from dark blue, till warm brown and gold and a hint of red…and the shoes…are those shoes nothing short of amazing, or is it just me?

Marios Schwab…I love his dresses, both the long sheer ones, and that little black one is possibly everything I look for in a dress right now, and with that hat….Uplifting to see a hint of  mint in his collection too, not all pastels have to die just because summer’s gone.