Tidelidee’s Lovely to see you – Tarja, six years old

by Andrea Baerland

There is no use denying it: I am, and always will be the crazy dog lady. Six years ago today a (rock)star was born, named after a Moody Blues song her name was Tidelidee’s Lovely to see you, until we added another rock star name eight weeks later and named her after Tarja Turunen (if you don’t know, google it). I can barely remember life before Tarja, I can’t imagine one without her and she was sorely missed when I lived in London. And since we love our pup we took a teeny tiny little shopping spree at Pet Shop Girls

The birthday girl having her birthday treat…(no worries, my sis ate the brownie)

The compulsory birthday “photoshoot”….

By now she’s just as annoyed as I used to be with mum when she took birthday photos of me as a child…

And then the presents….a treat box to match our mama’s kitchen and a new harness from UpCountry.