Beach Blanket Babylon, Notting Hill

by Andrea Baerland

The compulsory, but ever so cheesy champagne pose. Also notice the lack of plates for our bread…

Keeping the graduation and London theme from my previous post I thought I’d share my opinion on the restaurant where I had my graduation dinner, Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill. I had read rave reviews on quite a few of the blogs I follow, so naturally I was eager to see this place for myself. You should go for the decor alone, it’s such as fascinating place, sadly we were seated in the basement which is fairly dark and boring compared to the rest of the restaurant (not to mention boiling). As it was roughly 30 degrees outside the conditions for a three-course meal wasn’t the greatest, you’re simply not hungry in that kind of heat. Hence, the courses I chose weren’t the most exciting.

The goat’s cheese salad I had as a starter was great, the roast chicken I had for mains was OK, roast chicken is too dull a dish for celebratory dining, but in the heat that was all I could stomach. For dessert both me and my sister had three scoops of ice cream with meringue. Tasty enough, I’m easy to please with desserts, but it took forever to get to our table. How long does it take to slab three scoops of ice cream on a plate? The restaurant was not busy at the time either.

Service in general was really slow, and our waitress knew nothing about neither the dishes nor what kind of wine would suit our choices.  All in all the food was good, above average and despite bad service I would probably go again, at least to check out the bar as we never got around to cocktails. However, if you’re celebrating something I would go somewhere else.