The ultimate dissertation procrastination

by Andrea Baerland

Isn’t it typical that when you really have something important to do you get hooked on something completely different? I’ve always torn out pretty pictures from magazines with the intention of making collages…but my clippings tend to end up in drawers, tucked into random books or under my bed before they eventually make their way to the bin….but not anymore! Now all my collages can be found online, no scissors or glue involved, phew! The pin boards I have made so far are:

    • “Fashion” – For all those great editorials/ad campaigns/bloggers/catwalk photos I stumble upon
    • “Magazine Covers”- A collection of the coolest magazine covers, can you scream Journo nerd any louder?
    • “Words of Wisdom”- For all the semi-cheesy quotes I find myself loving whenever I’m up past midnight
    • “Perfect Hair”- Photos of how I wish my hair looked, and how I probably could fix it if I ever bothered
    • “Wishlist”- Continiously updated with all the pretty materialistic things I  wish were mine (dad, you just got mail…)
    • “For the day I become a housewife”- For the day hell freezes over and I enjoy mopping floors
    • “The day I settle down”- Sometimes even I dream of a house, dogs, kids, man and a Volvo
    • “Just beautiful”- All the pretty things that doesn’t fit anywhere, kind of like cheesy quotes..
Anyway, you can follow me on Pinterest here or click the picture, I would also like to follow more people, any recommendations?