3×3 Milan

by Andrea Baerland

Oh what a week…so many deadlines, so little tiiiime, and then the lovely Miss McKnight came to visit too…We went shopping, and shopping and window shopping, sushi, champagne, vodka, macarons and clowns…It was the first time I tasted Ladurée macarons, and oh my days! Over two days we almost managed to taste their entire menu, and so far it is safe to say that the Soft Caramel with Sea Salt and the Vanilla ones were absolutely the best, a little piece of heaven right there. The Orange Blossom however sucked, that tasted soap….Oh anyways, enough of my macaron musings, let’s get down to business again and check out my 9 faves from Milan:

I’m not a huge fan of fur, but look at that ensemble, such a diva! And I think we se a pattern here…I need a new winter coat, preferably one with leather details….The red dress was perfection, I love dresses with long sleeves, and I sort of need a red one.

Oh…and I love black dresses too (shocker..)…and gooo Norwegian Peter Dundas…

Raf Simon’s last collection for Jil Sander received standing ovations, and I can see why…again, pretty black leather dresses, and I even fell in love with some of the pink pieces, and that in itself is a pretty good accomplishment! It is going to be interesting to see the next collection, when Jil Sander herself has returned to the label…