LFW faves and London Fashion Weekend

by Andrea Baerland

Following up on my New York fashion week post, is one with my 3×3 faves from my very own, beloved London. Next season I swear I’ll be there as press myself..ok I say that every year, but considering that I am actually finishing up my degree these days I have no excuse not to start following my dreams and chasing my ambitions…This year however, London Fashion Weekend with a few sweet girls from uni had to suffice. Despite being in a fluish haze with a sore throat and blocked nose I enjoyed it, although having a bad cold/flu kind of ruined it for me.

I had zero energy (and money…) for all the pretty things on sale and the huge crowds, so I ended up spending most of the time outside in the sun with Silje, eating red velvet cupcakes….before it was time for a Spring/Summer trend show bringing back the lovely pastels I had almost forgotten about the past couple of weeks, being totally drowned in autum/winter fashion…there was even a brief interview with Hillary Alexander on the catwalk (WIN!)…and of course I forgot my camera….(top notch blogger for you).

Anyhow, let’s move on to my LFW autumn/winter faves (yes I know I’ve written Fall on the pictures, but it’s about the only American word I really love…):

The belted coats at Burberry Prorsum was a hit with me, a Burberry trench has been high on my wishlist for years…trust me one day I will get my sticky little hands on one! Other things to love was the presence of owls, yes, yes,yes next season I might actually manage to buy an owl acessory before winter turns to spring again! Oh and the finale with the umbrellas…I’m still not over that one….it’s so…London.

I really loved the colour themes at Felder Felder, from dark blue, till warm brown and gold and a hint of red…and the shoes…are those shoes nothing short of amazing, or is it just me?

Marios Schwab…I love his dresses, both the long sheer ones, and that little black one is possibly everything I look for in a dress right now, and with that hat….Uplifting to see a hint of  mint in his collection too, not all pastels have to die just because summer’s gone.