I’m still alive…

by Andrea Baerland

I guess my friends are expecting this to be a super ironic Valentine’s hating post about how I survived my least favourite holiday, but no. Valentines day 2012 wasn’t too bad actually, recieved a few texts, my mother transferred fifty quid (that I’ve already spent on nothing, oops!), ate Chinese that gave me a stomach ache, and I got a nice perfume. In other words, a pretty OK + day.

What I did struggle surviving though, was locking myself out on Tuesday evening. As always I was running late, and slammed the door shut, only to realise two seconds later that my keys were on the wrong side of the door. Although I have to thank fate for the fact that I had my most essential toiletries and my laptop with me, so that i had the possibility to do some work, especially since I ended up being locked out for two days!

When I finally got into my flat on Thursday I looked something like this…

Long story short:

My  landlord gave me the wrong set of keys the first time around, and I ended up running all around town from east to west a few more times than I would have liked in a leather mini skirt and heels. I am not exaggerating when I say I was looking like a homeless crackwhore with a Balenciaga bag – what I would like to call a hot mess.

How do I know? A curious look or two from passers by said it all, and the fact that the guy behind the till at Pret felt a free chocolate and a flyer for a Church was appropriate: “I promise, it will change your life forever“.