by Andrea Baerland

You’ve got to love Emmanuelle Alt and the way she promotes the revamp of Vogue.fr! I might even be able to ignore the white jeans… And as Fashion Foie Gras says, I’d love to see Anna Wintour do something similar. However, I’m pretty sure we’ll see pigs fly before that happens…

As for the wedding related stuff I did yesterday, I made my debut on the catwalk, modelling wedding dresses and occasion wear for Sassi Holford, Melanie Potro and Lise Herud. The dresses were so beautiful, and I had so much fun, definitely something i would do again! Pictures will come up either when I receive the ones the photographer snapped, or when a friend of mine e-mails the ones he took..Since I spent all of Monday modelling wedding dresses at 1 Lombard Street the rest of my week is dedicated to a complete library lockdown!