Graduation present to myself

by Andrea Baerland

I am really uninspired work wise at the moment, which is why I spent most of last night discussing handbags with a friend of mine…Graduation is only a few months away, and what better occasion is there to splurge on another designer handbag? My original plan was to buy a Balenciaga City, but then I went ahead and bought the Part Time for my 20th birthday instead..well, what can I say, other than best buy ever?!

As everyone else I am lusting for a Chanel, but I’m not sure that is feasible at the moment. On top of my list right now is an electric blue Céline Luggage Tote, but I have heard they’re near impossible to get, I wouldn’t mind it in other colours either though, the one Celina bought is gorgeous, and I wouldn’t mind this one either! (In fact I guess there’s quite a few of these I want…)

Another handbag I am considering is the Louis Vuitton Alma in Epi leather, probably in a warm, dark brown or something lighter more summery.

Decisions, decisions, decisions… Haha, but I guess there is no use in planning another purchase unless I get cracking on my dissertation!

Anyone else with designer bag dreams?