by Andrea Baerland

The past few weeks have been insane, but luckily in a good way. As the clock tipped midnight and January 2012 officially commenced I went into my annual new year’s depression, the feeling of getting even older and not being where I wanted to be in life. I know you’re not supposed to feel old at 21, but sometimes I do, and when I came back to London I felt like a proper old maid.

I figured the cure would be to revisit some of my old stomping grounds around Mayfair, hence the past few weeks have been spent in a whirlwind of house music, vodka, shopping and takeaway food. It felt just like being a first year again. However, it is time to get down to business again and focus on my final semester, and my (gulp) future.

It has been a few rather unproductive, but happy weeks – and as we all know: Happy girls are the prettiest!