20 years of Dazed and Confused Magazine

by Andrea Baerland

It sounds like it could be the title of my autobiography right? Fear not, I haven’t started scribbling my memoirs just yet.

On my sugar high this morning I dozed off again, and only woke up when Johan called to ask where I was, he had already been waiting for me for an hour at Somerset House, and I live 45 minutes by tube away. I am the worst friend ever, and he has to be the most patient friend ever.

Anyway I finally got to see the Dazed and Confused exhibit, and Johan got an introduction to the world of fashion. There was as expected so many incredible photos on display, I kind of wish I could go again and remember to bring my camera…oh well, since that is not possible I guess I’ll just have to get the 20th anniversary book as soon as I have some cash to spare.

Afterwards we went downstairs to see another journalism exhibit, Frontline: A Year of Journalism and Conflict. The Frontline exhibition focused on the conflicts of 2011 with Egypt, Syria, Libya and the UK riots, based on the news reports from Sky News. If you’re interested in TV news reporting it might be worth to go take a look, it is open until 5th February, so you don’t have long left!

We finished off by watching the fireworks at Trafalgar Square and freezing our toes off, overall an awesome Sunday!

(Unless I just spoiled it all by heading to the library…)