Essay writing in Norway

by Andrea Baerland

Although I’ve finally gone home for Christmas there is no time for repose and Christmas goodies just yet, I still have an essay due on Monday, an essay I really can’t wait to get out of the way, but also struggling more than usual with.

I’m missing out on my gran’s birthday celebration tonight because of it…needless to say I HATE it. I did take a photo of my wonderful books, but for some reason my memory card/ memory card slot won’t co-operate. What I did manage to get a photo of though, was my super random “home alone” dinner of ready-made Bali chicken (looks a bit nasty doesn’t it?) and julebrus, not that I think anyone cares, but you know, you got to have a picture in every blog post….

Anyways, it’s good to be home, and there’s even snow.

(Design and stuff will hopefully be fixed during the holidays..)