Degas at The Royal Academy of Arts

by Andrea Baerland


Today was the first time since I moved to London that I went to an art gallery alone, and in my spare time. I have known about it for quite a while, but as usual I was out last-minute. The exhibition Degas and the Ballet: Picturing Movement will be taken down on Sunday, so today I queued up in the cold, alongside artsy fartsy art students and old age pensioners to see his artwork. The exhibition was extensive showcasing his drawings, paintings and photography as well as related artists. Quite an interesting way to procrastinate my essay!

While all the others were talking intelligently to each other about brush strokes and light setting I was just wandering around by myself marvelling at the beautiful ballerinas, and of course their outfits. Ballerinas are probably the most delicate creatures on the planet.

If you like ballet dancers as much as I do, you should run down and queue at The Royal Academy of Arts until Sunday, or go to for instance Musée d’Orsay in Paris, where I discovered him.