Why can’t christmas look like something out of a Tiffany’s commercial?

by Andrea Baerland

It is finally the first day of December (or technically I guess it’s the second, as I am yet again awake way past my bedtime), you would think that would call for a little bit of christmas spirit right? In honour of the lighting of the Norwegian christmas tree in Trafalgar Square London town decided to showcase its least charming side, you know, the one that leaves you drenched. I couldn’t even be bothered to take a picture of it, and ended up stuffing my face with a burger and ice cream with Silje and Mona instead.

Tiffany’s christmas commercials are always so beautiful (and I wouldn’t mind finding a turquoise box underneath the tree either, hint, hint). The top one is this years commercial, but I have to admit I like the one in the middle from last year the best, and the little girl in the bottom one was too adorable to exclude. Now, this London is what christmas should look like: